Crestline Rocks!!

Crestline Rocks!
Featuring Big Head Todd &
the Monsters!!
A Bushwood Productions event, Crestline Rocks is a community event featuring a great time for all ages. Featuring Big Head Todd and the Monsters and events throughout the day. Get ready to Eat, Shop, and Groove.
On Saturday, Sept. 7th something monumental is going to happen in the middle of Crestline Village and we want YOU to be a part of it. Introducing Crestline Rocks, a family-friendly day dedicated to highlighting the charm and approachability of
Crestline Village, while supporting PreSchool Partners.

Save the Date for Sept. 7th as all restaurants, businesses and shops in Crestline invite you to Eat. Shop. Groove.

What's It For?

PreSchool Partners

PreSchool Partners, founded in 1995, is a program dedicated to preparing at risk preschool children and their parents for kindergarten in the Birmingham City Schools. Every year we serve 140 people, 70 children and 70 parents. Our target schools are Norwood and Hayes K-8 Schools in north Birmingham, a population that is considered at risk and under-served. We provide a highly structured learning environment for our three and four year old students every Monday through Friday during the school year. The children are taught letter, number, shape, and color recognition, as well as classroom behavior and social skills. The children are also provided with enrichment classes that include computer training, music, dance, and art instruction. Our students receive over 800 hours of instruction each year.

One component that is unique to PreSchool Partners and sets us apart from other programs is that we require the parent or primary caregiver to attend school one morning a week with their child. We strongly believe that in order for a child to be successful in school, there must be parental involvement. The National Education Association reports that the earlier parent involvement begins, the more powerful the effects. The parents attend class each Monday on a variety of subjects such as stress and anger management, nutrition, child development, family literacy, and money management. The parents in our program receive over 100 hours of instruction during the school year.